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A magical place, full of history, energy and tradition.

Tierra (Land)

It is the mother, softness, firmness, fecundity, the origin of everything, the materiality.

Fuego (Fire)

It is wisdom, joy, initiation, conversion, regeneration, animation, protection

Aire (Air)

It is a symbol of quick thinking, spiritual breath, change, freedom.

Agua (Water)

It is purification, freedom, life, fertility,
sensitivity and emotionality, water is spiritual birth.

Project History

A man; who convinced of the existence of an indigenous burial that rests on GREEN HILLS, undertook the CHIMERICAL adventure of finding it, in a magical place; full of history and tradition, where it sounds to live in harmony with nature to return to the essence.



A magical place, full of history, energy and tradition.

Urbanized lots with all the security advantages of a rural complex.

In the heart of nature


Close to everything you need and in a totally natural environment.

Life quality


Fresh air every day, security in the tranquility of the countryside.

Very good investment, with high appreciation


Its strategic location makes MONTEQUIMERA PARCELEACIÓN an excellent investment.

Benefits of


Excellent expectations of appreciation, the project has complete urbanism, concierge, paved roads, multipurpose room, private security, decks for yoga or enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Located in Carmen de Viboral, in a strategic point, between Llanogrande, San Antonio, Quirama and La Ceja, 5 minutes from the Aguas Claras – El Carmen road; you will find beautiful plots that represent dreams inspired by nature and its four elements, where together, they create the harmony necessary for good living.


Strategic, with easy access, close to shopping centers, the University of Antioquia, event centers, educational centers, recreational spaces, hiking trails and several municipalities, will provide you with all the services close to your home.


78 lots to be developed in two stages, in a gated unit, with 24-hour doorman, to have the peace of mind you long for.

Quality of life

A place where the coffee and the cup merge into a single tradition… our lots are waiting for you to realize the dream of building your house, enjoying the fresh country air every morning, planting your own vegetable garden, walking deep breathing the air with the scent of grass, taking care of your garden, playing with your children and your dog in the meadow, surprising your friends with a barbecue, drinking wine at sunset in front of a fire. …enjoying the simple things is our happiness….MONTEQUIMERA PARCELACIÓN and we want to share it with you.

Natural environment

A beautiful lot of 153000 Mt2, in which montequimera parceling has begun to be a reality and that will share a select group of lovers of the natural, country life, for those who want to live in harmony with nature and return to the essence.


Lot 73


Lot 8


Lot 3



Nº LotTotal area m2SiteDownload
Nº 01Sold
Nº 021.353,06MoreDownload
Nº 03Sold
Nº 04Sold
Nº 05Sold
Nº 06Sold
Nº 071.500MoreDownload
Nº 08Sold
Nº 09935,66MoreDownload
Nº 10Sold
Nº 111.157,35MoreDownload
Nº 12981MoreDownload
Nº 13980,73MoreDownload
Nº 141.000,67MoreDownload
Nº 151.212,33MoreDownload
Nº 16Sold
Nº 17Sold
Nº 181.417,2MoreDownload
Nº 191.425MoreDownload
Nº 201.410MoreDownload
Nº 211.204,28MoreDownload
Nº 221.468,39MoreDownload
Nº 232.141,35MoreDownload
Nº 651.471,5MoreDownload
Nº 661.952,64MoreDownload
Nº 67Sold
Nº 681.077,74MoreDownload
Nº 691.114,9MoreDownload
Nº 701.048MoreDownload
Nº 711.048MoreDownload
Nº 721.048MoreDownload
Nº 731.048MoreDownload
Nº 741.048MoreDownload
Nº 751.213,21MoreDownload
Nº 761.434,08MoreDownload
Nº 771.536,82MoreDownload
Nº 781.399,55MoreDownload

Our sales room

Sales room

We are waiting for you in our showroom to share the dream of living in the countryside in harmony with nature.

Our team

A sales team with extensive experience in the real estate sector is waiting for you to provide comprehensive advice, and will be ready to listen to your proposals, concerns and solve all your questions.

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This refers to the increase in the price that a real estate asset can reach over a period of time. Since the natural, green and ample spaces of Eastern Antioquia are so highly valued, the expectations of appreciation are high.

Number of lots

In total MONTEQUIMERA PARCELACION will have 78 beautiful plots.

    Phase 1

    Phase 1 has already started, in this stage there are 37 beautiful plots of land.

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      What to say about the project


      For me, the best location in El Carmen de Viboral. Very close to the park of El Carmen de Viboral and with easy access. However, very quiet and with a very nice view. (Translated from German)

      Alex G. T

      The area has everything I want: great views, no noise, great topography and quick access to Rionegro and Medellin. I also like the planned gatehouse. I love the project (Translated from Spanish)

      Ana M. Lopez

      Thank you very much for the presentation of the project. I find it very interesting as it contains many factors that offer a convenient residential location and it is also an interesting investment. (Translated from Spanish)

      Juan Guillermo

      Some more information

      F. A. Q. | Frequently asked questions

      When making such an important investment, many questions arise. To give you some important answers beforehand, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you would like a complete consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


      Are there still lots available?

      Yes, there are still lots available.
      The sooner you come, the more chances you have to get the lot of your dreams.

      How many lots are in the first phase and how many in total?

      37 in Stage 1 and 78 lots in total

      What size are the lots?

      The plot sizes are quite different. Overall, the sizes range from 935 to 2,141 m2


      What is the initial payment percentage?

      The proposed down payment to be paid in installments is 50%, however we will listen to your proposal!

      Over how many monthly payments is the initial financing?

      30 months


      Are additional costs foreseeable and how much?

      No, the price is frozen at the signing of the negotiation.


      If I refer a buyer, do I get paid?

      Yes, in MONTEQUIMERA PARCELACION you can refer your family and friends and receive a commission.

      When can I start building my house?

      Your lot will be delivered immediately!

      Which common areas are delivered with the first stage?

      The porter’s lodge and the multi-purpose room


      How to reach us

      This is the location of the parcel